Oncology Convention

6 - 7 July 2022
NEC, Birmingham


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Sanjay Budhdeo

Sanjay Budhdeo

Director in Business Development, Owkin & UCL

Sanjay studied medicine at Oxford University and practised in internal medicine and neurology. He has a Masters degree in Translational Medicine from Cambridge University; his research interests are in health IT and neuroimaging. He was previously a Senior Associate at the Boston Consulting Group where he focussed on healthcare work. He is now Director in Business Development at Owkin, a Google Ventures funded startup working on AI in healthcare.


Session title: How can we make the best use of healthcare data

Healthcare data is increasingly recognised to be of value. I will talk about how we can take steps in the UK to ensure that UK data is utilised to the benefit of patients. I will discuss (1) why healthcare data is valuable (2) use cases enabled by the new era of healthcare data (3) interoperability – why it is important, how to think about it, and how to improve the current situation (4) federated