Professor Robert Thomas

Bedford and Addenbrooke's Cambridge University Hospitals

A Consultant Oncologist specialising in the treatment of breast, prostate and bowel cancer. He is a regular clinical teacher at Cambridge University.

He also a professor of Exercise Science at the University of Bedfordshire and leads an active clinical research unit which designs and conducts government backed studies evaluating the impact of exercise, diet and natural therapies. From this research he has published over 100 peer reviewed scientific papers including, the Worlds largest randomised controlled trial of a polyphenol rich nutritional supplement in patient with cancer (Pomi-T trial) and the randomised evaluation of a topical therapy which prevents
chemotherapy induced nail damage (Polybalm study).

As well as author of “Keep Healthy after Cancer”, and ''How to live to a 100'' he is medical advisor for the lifestyle and cancer website, the general lifestyle site and writes a popular health blog in partnership with exercise professionals and nutritionists. For these contributions he has been awarded many awards including The British Oncology Association’s “Oncologist of the Year”.

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Evidence based lifestyle strategies after cancer - a research review

Survivorship strategies for people living with and beyond cancer have reached a new level of importance as remission and control rates improve. This talk summarised the evidence for strategies which improve gut health, chronic inflammation and immunity - all of which improve responses and tolerance to cancer therapies, especially latest generation biological immunotherapy agents.


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