Professor Noel Clarke

The Christie and Salford Royal Hospitals, Manchester UK

Noel Clarke is a Consultant Urological Surgeon at the Christie and Salford Royal Hospitals, Manchester and Honorary Professor of Urological Oncology at Manchester University. He specialises in secondary and tertiary referral complex pelvic and retroperitoneal surgery, research in to Genito-Urinary malignancy and the delivery of Cancer treatment in health care systems. He is closely involved with multiple large scale trials including the STAMPEDE trial which has changed international practice in prostate cancer serially in the last 5 years. He directs the Manchester University GU Ca Research Group and he leads the Manchester/Belfast FASTMAN Centre of Excellence for prostate cancer research. He is joint clinical lead for the National Prostate Cancer Audit in England and Wales. Professor Clarke’s research interests encompass basic/translational science and trials in urological cancer. He has authored multiple peer-reviewed papers and book chapters on urology and urological cancer.

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