Nicky Robinson

Penny Brohn UK
Nutrition Lead

MSc Nutritional Therapy, BA (hons), mBANT, CNCH
Nicky is the Nutrition Lead at Penny Brohn UK where she leads a small team of qualified
nutritional therapists, offering practical support and services for people living with cancer.
Nicky has a lifelong interest in the role of food as medicine and a passion for nutrition research.
Her current projects include reviewing the role of diet and nutrition at different stages of a cancer
patient's experience; safe and effective supplement use, and development of an accredited
training course for nutrition practitioners

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Food as Medicine: Diet and Nutrition in Cancer Care

Compelling evidence suggests that what we eat has an influence on our risk of developing cancer
and the chances of disease recurrence or progression. Drawing on Penny Brohn's 40 years'
experience of providing integrative cancer support, the session will discuss the role of informed
dietary change as a positive self-care tool with people with cancer


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