Rae Denman, and Dr Zoe Poole.

The British Association of Medical Tattooing (BAMT)

Rae Denman is the Medical Tattooist at BAMT with over 20 years experience within the NHS and private practice including research. Her specialisms include scar camouflage and feature restoration. From 2012-2016 Rae led NHS Medical Tattoo and Camouflage clinics at the Burns and Plastics Unit, Morriston Hospital, Swansea. She now runs private clinics in Harley Street and in Surrey. She was awarded the ’20 years of excellence’ Life Changing Procedure for her work with nipple/areola tattooing and was featured on ITV ‘This Morning’ performing hair stroke brows.

Dr Zoe Poole is the Clinical Psychologist and EMDR Therapist at BAMT. She has worked clinically and in research for over 15 years within the NHS and private practice including The Royal Marsden, The Institute of Cancer Research, The Traumatic Stress Clinic and The Centre for Pain Education. Dr Poole’s specialisms include trauma and chronic health problems. She provides research-based psychological therapies for adjustment to illness, PTSD, anxiety and depression. She delivers teaching and supervision to allied health professionals. Dr Poole is a member of the Health Professionals Councils, British Psychological Society and EMDR Europe.

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Medical Tattooing: Regulating the industry

Life changing visible differences such as hair loss, scars and nipple/areola complex
can arise following cancer treatments. Medical Tattooing can provide an effective
treatment. Research, however, identifies;
- A need for the industry to be regulated including certified training and condition
specific protocols
- A need for assessment procedures which ensure patient wellbeing is addressed
- Improve patient referral pathway
BAMT provides the relevant research based training.


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