Oncology Convention

6 - 7 July 2022
NEC, Birmingham


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Nahuel Villegas

Nahuel Villegas

Chief Scientific Officer, Vivan Therapeutics
Dr. Villegas obtained his PhD in Biological Sciences from University of La Plata (Argentina). Afterwards, he trained in stem cells and developmental biology at the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine (University of Edinburgh, UK), and later in cancer research at the Institute for Neuroscience (CSIC-University Miguel Hernandez, Spain). His research focused on modelling human tumourigenic processes in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster to study druggable conserved oncogenic targets. His work intent to bridge basic and translational science, combining tumour genome analysis, state-of-the-art genetic techniques and in vivo high-throughput drug discovery strategies aimed to find novel pharmacological anti-cancer cocktails. Since 2019, he is the Chief Scientific Officer of My Personal Therapeutics (London, UK), where his team develop ultra-personalised therapies for gastro-intestinal cancer patients.