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Kelvin Lau is Consultant and Lead Thoracic Surgeon at St Bartholomew''s Hospital, London. He was appointed as the first Consultant Thoracic Surgeon for St Bartholomew''s Hospital where he set up the thoracic surgery service, introduced VATS lobectomy and endobronchial programmes, and recently, one of the first dedicated 24/7 cardiothoracic robotic surgery programme in the UK. In November 2015 led the first team in Europe to successfully use the latest version of navigation bronchoscopy, and went on to do the first in the world endobronchial microwave ablation of lung tumour in February 2018.
His interests include the relationship of service provision to outcomes, intraoperative visualisation and therapeutic navigation bronchoscopy. He is on the steering committee for the European NAVIGATE trial, chief investigator for the NAVABLATE trial, and principal investigator for the MARS2 and NAVIGATE trials.

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With growing numbers of small lung nodules discovered as incidental findings and in lung cancer screening, bronchoscopists and surgeons are increasing asked to biopsy and treat smaller nodules. Current methods carry significant risks and minimally-invasive surgery for them is difficult. The hybrid theatre allows bronchoscopists and surgeons to reach, diagnose and treat these nodules with ease and confidence, both improving the accuracy and reducing the morbidity of these procedures.


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