Lucy Thompson ft. Stacie-rae Weir

Nipple Innovation Project

Lucy Thompson has 6 years experience as a professional tattoo artist, specialising in scar tissue for nearly 4 of those years. Lucy travelled to USA to train with Stacie-Rae – International speaker and educator and worldwide pioneer for the worldwide movement; Artistic Restorative Tattoos (A.R.T). Lucy became the U.Ks first A.R.T artist. Nominated for business woman of the year she then went on to achieve another U.K first by starting a charity dedicated to providing a higher standard of restorative tattooing for surgical patients and a directory throughout the UK so survivors have wider access to this service. Lucy and Stacie-Rae have developed a strong friendship and partnership in their mutual goal of wanting to change the currently low and acceptable standards currently available. Stacie-Rae pioneered a new way, wrote a book to share artistic techniques with experienced artists, invented the first realistic temporary Nipple tattoos, co-created the first permanent pigment set and invented the first scarred tattoo practice skins.

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Healing power of permanent realism in restorative tattooing

Good tattoos can help someone love their body especially after life changing surgery. Poorly executed tattoos can cause further damage AND make someone feel even worse about their new body. Its important to respect the traditional craft of tattooing with new and innovative techniques, skills and equipment. Better equipped to give realistic, long lasting healing results – every time.