Dr Natalie Cook

University of Manchester/Christie NHS Foundation Trust
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Experimental Cancer Medicine

Cook is a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Experimental Cancer Medicine at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust/Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Manchester. She is also the clinical lead for Manchester Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre and is director for the MRes in Experimental Medicine at the University of Manchester. She previously trained in Medical Oncology in Cambridge, UK, where she completed a PhD, funded by a CRUK Clinical Training fellowship. In 2012, she was awarded the Rothwell Jackson Postgraduate Travelling Fellowship and travelled to Canada to undertake a 2 year drug development research fellowship, based at the University of Toronto and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. In her current position she is co-investigator on a portfolio of over 50 early phase clinical trials, and is a Principal Investigator on over 20 trials.

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Molecular testing and novel therapies in prostate cancer

This seminar will discuss the increasing use of molecular profiling and identified targets of interest in prostate cancer. It will also cover some aspects of the drug development process and how trial design is changing the route to registration for new therapeutics.


  • Dr. Henrik Harling: Speaking at the Oncology Convention

    Dr. Henrik Harling

    IndiTreat® functional profiling, to match effective cancer drug treatment to individual cancer patients

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    Lucinda Billingham
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    National Lung Matrix Trial: testing multiple novel targeted treatments

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    Prof Ingunn Holen
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    Tumour cell dormancy and breast cancer relapse

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    Islam Elkonaissi
    The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

    The Multi-Specialty Challenge of Cancer Care