Dr. Konstantinos Vougas

DeepMed IO Ltd

Dr. Konstantinos Vougas holds a Molecular Biology degree from the University of Portsmouth, UK
and a Ph.D. from the Medical School of the University of Athens. He is a Staff Research Scientist
(Associate Professor Level) at the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens. Dr.
Vougas is actively involved in AI/personalised medicine research. His team recently demonstrated
through a publication in Cell Reports that deep-learning can efficiently predict drug-response in
large clinical oncology cohorts from tumor baseline gene-expression. He founded DeepMed IO in
2017 to accelerate the adoption of AI into the clinic. Since then, the company has secured £1.4m
in funding from the NHS for development of computational pathology decision-support tools.
Recently the DeepMed team achieved top-performance in the Camelyon-17 global contest for
automatic pN staging of breast cancer patients. His published work, consisting of 56 publications
in international journals, has received 1671citations (h-index 26).

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AI in decision support of diagnostic and personalised medicine applications.

The Seminar will highlight the potential and benefits of AI as a decision support tool in diagnostic
applications such as the detection of metastases on lymph nodes and breast cancer grading.
Further prospects of AI in personalised medicine schemes such as the prediction of drug response
from tumor baseline gene expression and the prediction of recurrence risk directly from breast-
tumor biopsies will be discussed.


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