Dr James V. Watson, MA., MB., BS., M.Sc., DMRT., FFR., FRCR.

MedInfomatics LTD

Dr. Watson is a Clinical Oncologist, initially in Radiotherapy, then Radiation Biology with extensive experience in Medical Oncology and Brachytherapy. Considerable computing experience started with programming as a medical student in 1962. Appointments include Middlesex Hospital and London University, then a move to Cambridge, UK, in 1975 as a Senior Clinical Scientist in the Medical Research Council Centre (MRC, including the Laboratory of Molecular Biology) and University of Cambridge, with consultant oncologist contracts in Addenbrooke''s and Bedford Hospitals. Internationally recognized for his work in cytometry and its application in cancer, he designed a dual-laser flow cytometer with 9 detectors at the MRC in the late 1970s/80s. He was a past President of the International Society for Analytical Cytology (ISAC). James has published extensively with over 250 peer reviewed clinical and scientific papers, over 100 abstracts in subjects as diverse as optics, statistics, computing, clinical medicine, pathology, biochemistry and cytometry.

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Artificial Intelligence – what it is and usage in Medical Records

Artificial Intelligence can have many meanings. The human brain has key milestone functions including instinct, Imitation, Empathy and Imagination. Within the first years of life, key abilities of the brain are developed to enable survival and development of intelligence. The ability of a computer to emulate such key life processes in the same time scale especially emulating the thought and decision processes of a clinician remain a big challenge.


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