Dr Qamar Ghafoor

University Hospital Birmingham

Dr Qamar Ghafoor, is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist and Oncology Clinical Service Lead for University Hospital Birmingham. He instigated the extracranial SABR programme at UHB which is currently treating the highest number of NHS SABR CtE cases in the UK. He is PI for a number of clinical trials and the PROPEL radiotherapy database.

Dr Ghafoor is an Honorary Lecturer for the University of Birmingham, and has ongoing research focusing on breath-hold in lung cancer patients.

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Stereotactive Radiotherapy Treatment for Primary Lung Cancers, and Oligometastasis to the Lungs.

SABR is a commissioned, evidence based alternative to surgery for some early stage lung cancers, with the treatment intent being curative. Evidence from clinical trials, and real life UK experience via the CtE programme also shows benefits from treating oligometastasis to the lungs.


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