Chris Carrigan

Bowel Cancer Intelligence UK

Chris Carrigan is a specialist in health data and information, but with a particular focus on patient involvement and patient power. He is co-Chair of the Bowel Cancer Intelligence UK Patient Public Group and Expert Data Adviser to the use MY data movement.

Chris has significant experience in influencing national policy in medical informatics and research and has a respected national profile in leading patient and public engagement exercises.

In 2014 he was named as one of the Health Service Journal’s Top 50 Innovators in the NHS for his innovative and collaborative approach to patient empowerment, and featured on BBC Radio 4’s Networking Nation series.

Until August 2018 Chris was the inaugural Chair of an advisory group for NHS Digital, IGARD - the Independent Group Advising on the Release of Data.

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Patient Engagement in the uses of Patient Data

As the volume, speed and granularity of patient data increases, so do the opportunities to use the data to understand variation, generate new insights and improve care and outcomes. And yet the complexities and nervousness around information governance risk progress being hindered. We describe how the Bowel Cancer Intelligence UK programme has developed under the guidance of engaged patients, who are at the heart of the work.


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