European Association of Urology

The EAU represents the leading authority on urological practice, research and education in Europe. Over 16,000 medical professionals joined its ranks and contribute to its core objective: To raise the level of urological care throughout Europe and beyond.
To facilitate further development of urology, the EAU encourages and promotes research in the field. The association also aids in the determination of healthcare policies and the establishment of European standards for training and urological practice.

The EAU provides frontline education and training through the European School of Urology (ESU). The ESU offers a wide range of learning opportunities such as meetings, masterclasses, hands-on trainings, online education, and scholarship programmes.
In addition, the EAU has two new education platforms: UROONCO and UROLUTS. Both platforms are initiatives of the EAU established in close collaboration with the ESU and European Urology journal.

UROONCO delivers the latest developments on genitourinary cancers. UROLUTS offers up-to-date information on lower urinary tract symptoms. Both platforms disseminate vital updates through clinical trial findings, meeting reports, and interviews with experts.

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