Against Breast Cancer

Against Breast Cancer is dedicated to funding groundbreaking research to improve detection, treatment and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis.

Our researchers are developing new treatments targeted at secondary breast cancers. These are designed to enable cancer-destroying drugs to be delivered specifically to secondary tumours before they grow, and symptoms are experienced. These new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of cancer are based on refocusing the immune system to destroy cancerous cells without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. As well as being potentially translatable to other cancers, this work may lead to the discovery of a breast cancer vaccine.

We envisage a future where a blood or urine home test kit is available so that people can be monitored for secondary breast cancer by providing test results to doctors without the burden of hospital or doctors’ visits. An easy-to-use home test would enable earlier diagnosis, easier monitoring of the tumour response during treatment, and could provide peace of mind after treatment through routine checks for recurrence.

Our researchers are providing doctors and patients evidence-based advice on the diet and lifestyle factors that reduce the risk of secondary spread occurring. To achieve this objective, we have collected and built a collection of patient samples and data that is now the largest of its kind in the UK. This resource allows the study of dietary, lifestyle and biological differences between UK patients who develop secondary spread and those who do not.

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