Advances & obstacles in oncology 

The Oncology industry is right at the forefront of pioneering new medicines, treatments and methods of diagnosis. This is for good reason, as cancers find more ways of adapting and surviving. New medicine, technology and treatments have to be made, researched and tested continuously. The Oncology Convention 2020, happening on the 17th & 18th March 2020, will be home to world leading companies showing the advances made in preventing, diagnosing, treating and caring for those with breast, lung, prostate and colorectal cancers. 


Although it is very important to know about the everyday successes in the medical industry, it is also useful to know about some of the setbacks that can happen, and what can be learned from these in order to move forward. Pharmaceutical companies work tirelessly to ensure they are giving patients the best treatments they can develop; however, with so many careful stages and procedures in developing new medicine, success is never certain.


Astrazeneca, a muti-national pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company, recently had a failure in developing lung cancer medicine aiming to extend the lives of patients living with various forms of the disease. Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers      worldwide.There were 9.6 million cancer related deaths in 2018, with lung cancer accounting for 2.9 million of these. Prevalence of the disease has also risen by 23% since 2004. A recent phase 3 randomised lung cancer trial saw the FDA-approved drug, Imfinzi, failed to meet efficacy, effectiveness and safety on the patients. The aim of improving overall survival in previously-untreated metastatic non-small cell lung cancer patients was not achieved. 


The journey of development does not end here though, the Imfinzi drug will still be used in numerous ways for research purposes. The drug is still being tested on patients and also in separate clinical trials in combination with chemotherapy. As one drug fails though, another one succeeds. MSD, another global healthcare leader providing medicines and various other treatments, have had a very similar drug approved and ready to go into circulation. The immunotherapy drug pembrolizumab, used alongside chemotherapy drug carboplatin will now be another option for adults with non-small cell lung cancer. The imfinzi drug  showed promising life-extending results for some patients.


The Oncology Convention 2020, dedicated to advancing clinical oncology and life saving research, will host 100 CPD accredited seminars, hosted by the likes of Professor Noel Clarke who will be giving a speech on improving prostate cancer outcomes through cancer trials, 150+ industry leading exhibitors and 35 interactive masterclasses. Sign up today to see first hand the latest technology revolutionising the patient pathway.