The creative future of cancer treatment

‘’MIT biologists have now found that by combining two existing classes of drugs, both of which target cancer cells' ability to divide, they can dramatically boost the drugs' killing power.’’

There are so many ways to tackle medicine, and although the study of it is something which must be precise and accurate if it is to work, sometimes a bit of flare and creativity is needed in order to discover and pioneer new medicines which aid in the fight against cancer. Patients of the disease benefit from a huge arsenal of cancer medicines which ease the pain of their day to day lives living with the disease; Turns out two cancer drugs may be better than one. How long a metastatic breast cancer treatment continues to work on a patient could be prolonged by combining it with a lung cancer medication which helps stop the tumours resisting the medication. Scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research have discovered that by combining the breast cancer drug palbociclib with crizotinib, a targeted lung cancer drug, the combination had much more of an impact compared to using the drugs on their own.

The drug works by blocking MET (metastatic cancer cells) caused by the use of the crizotinib drugs. The drug combination also greatly spares normal cells, cancer cells divide differently than normal cells, which is good news for any patients who may trial the drug in the future, which researchers hope will happen within the next two years. To see more of the  developments in the oncology industry, the Oncology Convention 2020 is the event to attend where you can see the incredible steps the oncology industry is making in advancing cancer care. 

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