HPV vaccine for males shows positive signs of prevention

The prevention of disease is an integral focus of the Oncology Convention, and of the wider MediWeek portfolio as well. One of the strongest steps we have made as a nation is with the HPV vaccine for girls, allowing for a much better chance of not developing cervical cancer early on in their life. Since the rollout of HPV vaccines for girls aged 12-13, there has been a 90% reduction in cancer diagnoses in women aged 20. 

With the clear and obvious success this work has had for women, a two year study in Scotland has pointed out potential benefits to the male population as well. Over a study of 238 cases, 60% of all head and neck cancer cases were found to be associated with the HPV virus. In men, there are two types of the HPV virus that are linked to penile and head & neck cancers, specifically HPV 16 and 18. With this knowledge linked to the fact that head & neck cancer cases have increased by 78% within the male population over the past 25 years, and it shows that we now have a far deeper understanding of cancer than ever before, as we now understand what affects its development and can track these trends with accuracy. 

This study is entirely focussed on Scotland, but the statistics are able to be inferred across the wider British populace. If the rollout of this HPV vaccine has clear benefits in reducing cases of head & neck cancer in men, then the potential for a similarly positive impact on cases is incredibly high. Head & neck cancer is the 13th most common form of cancer in the UK, with it being the 4th most common amongst men. The cancer has a much higher prevention rate when compared to its survival rate, making it imperative to ensure we prevent this life changing disease at every opportunity. 

Prevention of disease is a key focus area of the Oncology Convention, and as such this is a fantastic step in the direction of improved patient outcomes, and further improvements in the development of effective prevention measures. Whilst head & neck cancer isn’t a focus area of the Oncology Convention, this still serves as an amazing step forward in prevention of disease, and given the success of previous HPV vaccines, the future of cancer prevention is immensely bright. 

With tickets entirely free, this Oncology Convention serves as a unique opportunity to attend and discover the latest prevention methods in lung, colorectal, prostate and breast cancers.

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