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Throat Cancer Foundation

We are a charity who provide support, advice and information to people and their loved ones who are affected by cancers of the head, mouth and neck, or cancers caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Our work also include support of various scientific and medical research programmes aimed at improving throat cancer patient care, treatment and support

We work also with a team of leading medical experts and professionals who act as our clinical and scientific advisers to ensure that in-depth and up to date information on these cancers are available to both patients and doctors. The team include some of the UK's leading oncologists, patient's advocates, surgeons, nurses and medical researchers.

We promote a `gold standard' of cancer care, including education for people to better prevent throat cancer and their impact. We also campaign rigorously for universal HPV vaccination to prevent any future devastating cancer cases. HPV awareness is fast becoming a large part of our work. As of 2019 we won a major campaign to see boys gain access to HPV vaccination.

Most of our work is within the UK, although we do from time to time get enquiries from around the world and are happy to provide help and support wherever we can.

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