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Hair Growth+ inClinic is a unique Anagen induction and prolongation treatment, presenting a highly effective Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy for the treatment of hair growth disorders of many different types and etiologies.

The active ingredient in the product, Marilex®, is supported by over 30 years of research and development and more than 50 peer-reviewed, published clinical studies into its efficacy, all of which have established that the product is a safe and effective baseline treatment for all types of hair loss.

Marilex® provides the precise ratios of the specific proteoglycans which help to regulate hair follicle function and the Hair Growth Cycle, therefore it is able to help restore, normalise and maintain a healthy Hair Growth Cycle.

All ingredients in Hair Growth+ inClinic are naturally based and 100% drug-free, and have been tested for efficacy and safety.

Pharma Medico, the company behind the brand, is a global organisation founded on a strong Scandinavian tradition of research and scientific documentation.

Dedicated to improving well-being and life-quality, our philosophy `The Science of Natural Well-Being`, has driven our brands, research, and development over the past 30 years and has resulted in the discovery of breakthrough natural ingredients, formulations and technologies. All our products are researched, developed and produced under pharmaceutical protocol.

Pharma Medico brands reflect the forefront of scientific innovation, offering effective solutions in a safe, drug-free and ethical manner.

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