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Nova Healthcare & Leeds Gamma Knife Centre

One of only four centres in the UK, and the only one in the north, offering ICON treatment. Since December 2015 the centre has been able to effectively increase the number of patients treated each day maximising workflow.

Gamma Knife Icon delivers flexibility, precision and increased clinical versatility with the ability to choose the level of immobilisation a patient requires between fixed frame and mask with CBCT and infrared intra-fraction monitoring.

The Icon enables our team of neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists to also deliver treatment to tumours that were previously considered to present too high a risk to critical structures or too large a volume for a single session without compromising the dose control, precision or conformity.

Immobilisation with a mask enables the Icon system`s infrared motion high-definition management system to track a marker at the tip of the patient`s nose, continuously and in real time during the fraction, which will trigger cessation of the beam delivery if motion exceeds a pre-set threshold..

The mask-based system enables treatment to be delivered in a single fraction or multiple fractions. We can now also treat multiple brain metastases and larger volume lesions safely and effectively utilising fractionated treatment .that previously were considered too high risk. Leskell Gamma Knife Icon ensures that the precision of frameless immobilisation is at a similar level as frame-based treatments. Optimised workflows enable the clinicians to adapt to the requirements of each case without compromising the accuracy of the dose delivery. The unique integrated stereotactic Cone Beam CT determines stereotactic coordinates in 3D using bony anatomy. Co-registration of imaging from the CBCT and MRI enables the plan to adapt automatically to any needed correction in patient position. Online dose evaluation enables you to compare the dose distribution that is about to be delivered to the dose that you plan to deliver.

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