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Loving Meditations

Loving Meditations - Bringing Calm to Cancer by promoting mind-body wellness and elevating quality-of-life for those touched by cancer.

Loving Meditation's potent, practical tools help you:

• Improve quality care
• Upgrade patient satisfaction
• Transform your waiting room environment
• Provide stress reduction tools for patients and caregivers
• Reduce staff overwhelm and burnout

Loving Meditations TV instantly transforms your waiting room into an oasis of calm, combining a peaceful cinematic experience with positive messaging and inspiring music.

The Loving Meditations App makes self-care and stress management an easy, regular practice for cancer patients, caregivers and survivors.

Optimize quality care and patient experience with our packages, including the App, LMTV, "Live Calm with Cancer" bestselling book, Webinar, Virtual Support Groups and more.

Loving Meditations is guided by the dynamic duo of David Dachinger and Tamara Green, LCSW. In addition to being a Grammy®-nominated engineer and professional firefighter, David is a Stage IV cancer survivor. Tamara, who took care of David during his illness, is a world-class relationship expert, psychotherapist, caregiver support leader, and hypnotherapist. In addition to the cancer meditation app, they create all of Loving Meditations` self-care tools that enhance the lives of those touched by cancer... and beyond.

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