Prof Ingunn Holen

Department of Oncology and Metabolism, University of Sheffield, UK

Dr Ingunn Holen is Professor of Bone Oncology and team leader in the Department of Oncology and Metabolism, University of Sheffield, where she is science lead of the Sheffield Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre. Prof Holen has more than 20 years research experience in advanced breast cancer, in particular in the context of translational studies in metastatic bone disease. She has published 120+ scientific papers with more than 5,000 citations and is a frequent keynote speaker at international scientific conferences. Prof Holen has chaired the Scientific Advisory Board and is a member of the Science Strategy Committee of Breast Cancer Now, is a member of the NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship panel as well as several international grant review panels. She also serves on a number of editorial boards of scientific journals and conference organising committees. Research in the Holen team is focussed on elucidating the mechanisms underlying tumour cell spread to the skeleton.

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Tumour cell dormancy and breast cancer relapse

Bone metastasis is a common complication of advanced breast cancer, resulting in pain, fractures and reduced quality of life. Despite affecting a large number of patients, there are currently no effective therapies to prevent skeletal progression. Improved patient outcomes relies on a better understanding of the complex interaction between disseminated breast cancer cells and the surrounding bone microenvironment, to identify novel therapeutic targets.


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