Odette Woods

Cancer Hopeline

With a background of over 25 years supporting patients with cancer and in end of life care in hospices and in the community internationally, Odette simultaneously trained to mastery level coaching and healing, now uniquely combining all three modalities to create tailor-made programs for innovative holistic mentorship for people dealing with cancer.

Over many years, she identified predictable issues, challenges and responses in her clients which repeatedly occur through all the stages from diagnosis to treatment and recovery. She, therefore, made it her mission to explore the optimal integrative approach for health, wellbeing and self- healing to more powerfully support conventional cancer treatments for maximum efficacy.

Passionate about people having informed choice and being inspired and empowered to take back control of their health and wellbeing, Odette is an uncompromising advocate for many hundreds of cancer patients and their loved ones in her professional care.

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Empowering Cancer Patients to Optimal Treatment Outcomes and Prognosis

A cancer diagnosis is a significant life challenge which can victimise and disempower, instilling overwhelm and fear into the lives of the most resilient patient. For optimal conventional treatment outcomes to occur, we need to galvanize the enormous untapped potential for patient empowerment and engagement.

We consider the impact of identity, intentionality, quantum healing, limiting beliefs and visionary coaching in expanding what’s possible to allow transformational healing to occur.


  • Malcolm Wilson: Speaking at the Oncology Convention

    Malcolm Wilson
    The Colorectal & Peritoneal Oncology Centre, The Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester

    Cytoreduction and HIPEC in the treatment of peritoneal disease from appendiceal and colorectal tumours

  • Professor Anthony Howell: Speaking at the Oncology Convention

    Professor Anthony Howell
    The University of Manchester / The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

    Improving risk estimation of breast cancer

  • Professor Noel Clarke: Speaking at the Oncology Convention

    Professor Noel Clarke
    The Christie and Salford Royal Hospitals, Manchester UK

    Improving Prostate Cancer Outcomes Through Cancer Trials

  • Dr Abeer Shabaan: Speaking at the Oncology Convention

    Dr Abeer Shabaan
    Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham & University of Birmingham

    Breast Pathology: Assessing tumour response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy and endocrine therapy– Pathological considerations

  • Dr Catherine Coyle: Speaking at the Oncology Convention

    Dr Catherine Coyle
    Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    Prostate Cancer- the non surgical oncologists view