Dr. Anna ME Bruynzeel

Amsterdam UMC (formerly VUmc)

Since 2012 Anna ME Bruynzeel is Radiation Oncologist at the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her areas of interest are Neuro-Oncology, Gastrointestinal tract Oncology, Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy and MR-guided Radiotherapy. The latter has recently been introduced in clinical practice using the MRIdian system. Anna belongs to the core team developing protocols and performing MR- guided adaptive treatment including patients with locally advanced pancreatic tumors, prostate cancer and kidney cancer.

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MR Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy; three years of clinical experience at VUmc

MR-guided radiation therapy (MRgRT) is a novel and rapidly expanding treatment approach which has been clinically implemented at VUmc Amsterdam since early 2016. In addition to MR-based setup, it offers the potential for real-time target tracking during treatment, marker-less gated delivery, and if indicated, plan re-optimization to generate an optimal ´plan of the day’ for each fraction. MRgRT workflow, benefits, limitations, indications as well as early clinical results will be presented.


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