Dr Anita Rose

Raphael Medical Centre

Dr Anita Rose is currently the Consultant Neuropsychologist at the Raphael Medical Centre in Tonbridge and also works as an independent Consultant Neuropsychologist across the globe. She has had a passionate interest in Neuropsychology obtaining extensive experience in this field since 1998.

Dr Anita Rose is known as a Champion for Multiple Sclerosis and provides significant input into the field of multiple sclerosis via her clinical work, research, publications, booklets and consultancy to MS Groups in the UK, as Vice Chair for the European Neuropsychology Special Interest Group in MS, and is the Vice Chair and Clinical Advisor to the MS Society in South Africa.
Dr Rose is well known in the field of Brain Injury. She conducts significant research into Brain Injury and Chronic Neurological Conditions and has published research and many self-help booklets she also provides consultancy in this area. She has recently co-authored a book looking at late recovery from the vegetative state and working on a number of research projects.

Dr Anita Rose is a sought after speaker across the globe with her message being one of empowerment to both people who have neurological conditions and to health professionals who work in the field of neurology.

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The importance of cognitive rehabilitation following a brain injury

The cognitive effects of a brain injury (BI) and the implication for future quality of life can be very distressing for the individual and their families.

Cognitive rehabilitation (CR) aims to help the brain learn alternative ways of working in order to minimise the long-term impact and help the survivor and their family to cope successfully with any remaining disabilities.

This seminar will explore the importance of CR after BI.


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