Corina van den Hurk

Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation

Corina van den Hurk is an occupational therapist who studied health science at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, with a master degree in movement science and epidemiology. After graduation she worked at the Comprehensive Cancer Centre the Netherlands, first as a cancer registrar and thereafter as a researcher on a project on quality of care in breast cancer.

She started research on scalp cooling at Leiden University Medical Centre and the Comprehensive Cancer Centre the Netherlands in 2005 and finished her PhD on scalp cooling in 2013.

From 2009 to 2013 she was also assistant coordinator of the EU-FP7 project EUROpe against Cancer: Optimisation of the Use of Registries for Scientific Excellence in research (EUROCOURSE).

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Hair loss through chemotherapy is not inevitable!

Chemotherapy-induced alopecia is a side effect with high impact for many cancer patients. In Europe scalp cooling has been used to prevent hair loss for over a decade and is increasingly being applied worldwide. A registry containing data of more than 5,000 scalp cooled breast cancer patients shows varying success rates depending on type and dose of chemotherapy. Determinants of efficacy as well as safety and cost-effectiveness will be discussed.


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