Bertil RR Persson

Scandinavian ChemoTech AB. Sweden

Bertil R.R. Persson, Professor emeritus. Full Professor in Medical Radiation Physics at the University of Lund and 25 years’ head of the Clinical Department at the University Hospital. Tutor of 40 doctoral dissertations on the faculties of medicine and science. Cofounder of Scandinavian ChemoTech AB. Sweden.

Out of more than 400 scientific publications, and 20 books, the most relevant for this presentation is “A new Brain Tumor Therapy Combining Bleomycin with in vivo Electro-permeabilization" published in 1993, together with the neurosurgeon Leif G. Salford (Lund, Sweden) and Lluis Mir (Paris, France). The result showed prolonged survival, and that in two out of seventeen treated animals their implanted brain tumour eradicated.

Other well-cited publications are about “Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability and Nerve cell damage in mammalian brain after exposure to microwaves from mobile phones," from the collaboration with Leif G. Salford. Also, the publications about radioecology, and radioactive Polonium-210 are well cited.

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Dynamic-ElectroEnhanced Chemotherapy brings relief to patients with large tumour burden

A new concept of Dynamic-ElectroEnhanced Chemotherapy™, the D-EECT protocol, applied in clinical case studies in India with IQWave™ device. The results of treating patients with breast cancer were almost equal to the old ESOPE protocol. Considering squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) tumours larger than 3 cm, the treatment response is without progressive disease with the D-EECT protocol, while treatments according to ESOPE protocol report an average of about 5% progressive disease.


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