Action Radiotherapy

Action Radiotherapy is a charity dedicated to improving radiotherapy treatment by supporting both patients and professionals.

Radiotherapy is an effective cancer treatment and cures more patients than chemotherapy, yet it has suffered from chronic underfunding in the NHS for decades. While the situation has improved in recent years thanks to radiotherapy awareness campaigns, there is still much more work to do to ensure all UK patients are getting access to the very best type of radiotherapy for their cancer.

Action Radiotherapy is committed to supporting the NHS, and the dedicated professionals who provide radiotherapy treatments, to make sure that every patient who would benefit from radiotherapy receive it.

One in two people in the UK will get cancer at some point, and half of those will receive radiotherapy as part of their cancer treatment.

At Action Radiotherapy, we believe every patient should have access to the best radiotherapy for their type of cancer. Sadly, that`s not always the case due to historical underfunding and varied uptake of modern radiotherapy techniques across the UK.

Thanks to the work of Action Radiotherapy and others who have campaigned for greater investment in radiotherapy, there has been encouraging progress in the last few years.

In the UK today, there are more than 60 NHS radiotherapy centres today that can routinely deliver advanced radiotherapy treatments for cancer. NHS England is committed to the provision of modern technology. But there is much work still to be done.

Radiotherapy can be confusing and scary for people. Many patients don`t know there are different types of radiotherapy, which makes it impossible for them to ask the necessary and important questions about treatment options.

Our website is currently being modernised to provide you with the most up-to-date information and resources to guide you through your radiotherapy journey. If you are a patient and you cannot find the information about radiotherapy you`re looking for, please email us at

As well as working to improve radiotherapy access for cancer patients, Action Radiotherapy also supports professionals. Radiotherapy teams are highly professional and dedicated. Action Radiotherapy provides a range of services, information, forums and resources for professionals.

As a charity, we do not receive any government funding and rely entirely on public and corporate donations to continue our work. There are several ways you can support us. Even if you are not able to make a financial donation, you can help us raise awareness of radiotherapy by connecting to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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