Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

April 2019 is bowel cancer awareness month, an annual event that raises awareness of the disease. Bowel cancer affects millions of people every year, so it is important that the wider population understand what it is, how it develops, and ways that the disease can be countered. There are many ways that people around the industry are raising awareness this month, including fundraising, joining the #ThisIsBowelCancerCampaign, and booking onto awareness talks (Bowel Cancer UK).

More than 41,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year, and it is the second most common cancer to affect both men and women. It has been said that 1 in 14 men and 1 in 19 women will be diagnosed with bowel cancer in their lifetime, with the disease not discriminating what age a person is when they develop it. Statistics suggest that people over the age of 50 are significantly more likely to develop bowel cancer with 94% of cases affecting people over that age (Cancer Research UK).

Out of the total amount of new diagnoses over a year, only 50% of people will actually go to a bowel screening within 6 months of being invited to do so. This leaves a vast gap in the market for an imaging service to pick up the other half of people that don’t go for a screening session. This could lead to significantly quicker cancer diagnoses, catching cancer at a lesser stage of development which in turn, could reduce the risk of cancer spreading to other parts of the body.

There are a number of ways that you can reduce the chance of developing bowel cancer across the duration of your life. Cancer Research UK list six important steps that you should follow in order to reduce your risk of bowel cancer and they are, keeping a healthy weight, being more active, eating more fibre, eat less processed and red meat, drink less alcohol, and be smoke-free. Following these steps does not guarantee that you will be immune to contracting bowel cancer, however, it will reduce the likelihood that you will develop it at some point in your life.

The Oncology Convention has dedicated focus areas for cancers of the bowel. The new Colorectal focus area has been created for professionals that have particular expertise in cancers of the gastrointestinal tract and organs attached. If you are a colorectal expert that wants to learn about new developments in cancer treatments, you will not want to miss out on this devoted focus area at the next convention.

The Medical Imaging Convention and the Oncology Convention will be part of the inaugural MediWeek at the NEC Birmingham on the 17th and 18th March 2020. Mediweek will bring together over 35,000 healthcare professionals across 10 world class exhibitions and conferences from around the UK.

Mediweek is looking for businesses that provide innovative imaging and oncological services that will encourage newly diagnosed people that do not get screened, to be screened. If you want to exhibit in front of 2500 world leading oncology professionals, contact Event Director Dominic van Duivenbode at or 0117 990 2097 for more information.

For more information about new cancer-related technologies and techniques, visit to find out more about how the show is displaying the revolutionary ways of studying and treating cancer.