The Women Taking the Fight to Cancer

International Women’s Day was first observed in 1911 and has since evolved into a moment of respect the work being done by women in all industries. The themes of #BalanceForBetter and ‘Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate For Change’ prove that there is still work to be done to meet true equality, but there are still incredible women currently working within the industry across sectors. With breast cancer affecting 54,000 women each year in the UK, as well as ovarian cancer affecting 7,400 new people each year, there is a very real motivation for women to get involved with the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and care of these diseases.

The European Oncology Convention will have focuses on both breast and genitourinary cancers. This has allowed the event to seek out the best minds working within these specialisms to speak and share their groundbreaking work helping women living with cancer. Professor Zoe Winters, from University College London (UCL), will be one of the amazing thought leaders contributing to the education stream at the convention. Professor Winters is a consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon & an honorary professor of surgery at UCL. Her seminar will involve looking into the prevention of mastectomy by replacing them with multiple lumpectomies when it comes to women living with multiple cancers in the same breast. This gives women more options in the treatment of their cancer, offering more confidence for them during treatment, and goes a long way into improving patient outcomes thanks to this increased choice.

Continuing the mission to improve patient outcomes for both current and future patients, GenesisCare will have three of their leading minds discussing surface guided radiotherapy to aid in the delivery of optimal breast cancer care. Dr Antonia Lavorata, Dr Sileida Oliveros, and Ms Claire Barnard will all discuss this technology that is helping provide patient-specific treatment and improving the outcomes of breast cancer patients. Claire Bernard led the implementation of this technology at GenesisCare Oxford, making her a true pioneer in offering of improved outcomes by allowing for personalised treatment and care for patients.

Also paving the way for women to follow in her footsteps is Joanne Edwards from the University of Glasgow. Her work as senior lecturer in the Institute of Cancer Sciences University of Glasgow and also as a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists makes her a champion of the industry and a role model for anyone who wants to follow her footsteps. Currently, women make up about 33% of doctorate-level professors at university, with a further 41% at masters and bachelor level. Having people like Joanne Edwards leading the charge with women in seniority at educational institutions, the European Oncology Convention is proud to have her discuss her work into the role of IKK alpha in breast cancer.

It’s also key to remember that men play a key supporting role in aiding women in the fight against cancer. The work done by James Flanagan on improving the care for ovarian cancer patients by delivering precise and individual treatment is testament to this. It is a team effort to ensure not only the best outcomes for ovarian and breast cancer patients, but also to provide the avenues to make sure women can lead the charge. Similarly to James Flanagan, women like Professor Fran Balkwill, Dr Michelle Lockley, and Dr Rosalind Glasspool of Cancer Research UK are pioneering the development of cutting edge treatments that contribute to the forecast 37% drop in mortality rate to 10 in 100,000 by 2035.

The European Oncology Convention is proud to be a platform the women moulding and shaping not only the industry but also providing improved patient outcomes for their fellow women facing cancer. Tickets for the event are free and are available from The digital show guide has now been released, you can access this directory to find everything you need to know about the show!