Prysm Medical Celebrates International Day of Medical Physics

On the 7th November, 1867, the incredible Marie Curie was born and thus one of the most pioneering scientific minds was brought into the world. Her future research would eventually change the way we view radiation with regards to medical use whilst she valiantly put her body on the line discovering the radioactive elements of radium and polonium. To this day, her work notebook will remain radioactive for the next 1500 years due to her work, and we’re thankful for it to this day.

The International Day of Medical Physics has taken place since 2013 on the 7th November thanks to the work done by the International Organisation of Medical Physics to bring awareness to their industry and the amazing work that goes on thanks to the professionals that work within it. At the Medical Imaging Convention 2019, there will be an area dedicated to medical physics, showing off just how far we have come as a society with regards to medical capabilities. As well as the dedicated space there, the neighboring European Oncology Convention will also have a tailored space for radiation therapy, making this event a perfect example to learn about advancements across medical industries.

As the Medical Imaging Convention runs alongside the European Neuro Convention and European Oncology Convention, celebrating the advancements of medical imaging technology is also to celebrate the amazing advancements in treating and diagnosing some of the most dangerous and deadly illnesses we battle with everyday.

Discussing the use of a novel camera for hybrid optical-gamma imaging, Professor Alan Perkins from the University of Nottingham will be one of the industry leading minds contributing to the education stream visitors can tap into at the Medical Imaging Convention. This discussion will show how the camera works and also the benefits and use of such a novel idea, showing that innovation will always be alive and well when it comes to the progression of medical technology.

In the European Oncology Convention, it will be Dr Bernadette A Lavery who will be delving into how advance surface guided radiotherapy has become with regards to reliable and accurate diagnoses and also with efficiency and use. The possible future use of this tech with regards to radiotherapy practise for breast cancer will also be discussed, making this seminar a fantastic insight into a developing industry from a professional at the very forefront of its development. Dr Bernadette will be backed up by Dr Sileida Oliveros, Dr Antonia Lavorata, and Ms Claire Barnard from Genesiscare

As well as this, Dr. Heather Williams from The Christie Hospital will be looking into state of the art positron-emission tomography and how this constantly evolving methodology is continuing to develop and benefit patients. Heather Williams is a Principal Medical Physicist and is one of the leading females in medicine, working to inspire others to follow in her steps just as Marie Curie did for so many others. This will be another spotlight into the evolving world of nuclear medicine and how it continues to advance.

The Medical Imaging Convention takes place on the 26th and 27th March at the NEC Birmingham, running alongside the European Oncology Convention and the European Neuro Convention. Tickets for the show are free and available now, where you can also see the full list of features for all the shows and remain clued up on all the amazing things still to be announced! Tickets for the Medical Imaging Convention will also grant access to all the surrounding shows.