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Theya Healthcare's award winning range of post-operative lingerie will make your patients feel better faster both physically and psychologically and that is a proven fact! With 100% customer satisfaction rating, we offer the range of choice for post-operative patients in the UK & Ireland. Made from Oeko-tex certified bamboo material, it feels like cashmere on the skin, kind to skin and kind to our planet.

Why choose our range for your patients?

1. Scientifically proven natural healing properties
In UCD (University College Dublin) as part of a clinical study our patented 70% bamboo fabric post-operative range when compared to 100% cotton was proven 93% and 97% bacteriostatic against the 2 most common bacteria found in breast wounds.
59% more absorbent than cotton and 19% more wickable than cotton.
When compared to the Amoena Frances bra our range of post-operative bras came out 36% more absorbent and 118% more wickable.

2. Improved physical and psychological outcome when compared to best in class.
When worn for the first 4 weeks post-surgery compared to our competitors Amoena and Anita, Theya Healthcare's bras were proven superior in a number of key areas:

THEYA Healthcare Anita and Amoena
- 8.5% Improvement in Body Image - 9.5% Deterioration in Body Image
- 20% Improvement in Health Status - 8% Improvement in Health Status
- Reduction in levels of irritation, - Discomfort and increased pain levels in the region wound discomfort and pain. of their scar.

3. Feedback from nurses and surgeons of decreased bruising, no open wounds at 10 day check-up, skin rashes and mould infections clearing up, reduction in breast pain and the reduction in heat and blistering after radiotherapy treatment.

4. Made from natural materials: The majority of patients after cancer surgery would prefer to only use natural fibres. Bamboo is a natural fibre that is very sustainable, does not use pesticides, or fertilisers. It soaks up more CO2 than the equivalent number of trees and does not use any extra water for irrigation, unlike cotton that needs 20,000 litres of water for 1 kilogram of cotton!

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