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Sky Factory

Sky Factory, a global fine arts and technology company, creates biophilic illusions of nature™, including the award-winning Luminous SkyCeilings™, and Luminous Virtual Windows™, as well as the more advanced digital cinema displays, SkyView™, eScape™ and eSea™.

These sophisticated nature image display systems trigger a genuine `relaxation response` for mind and body - promoting psycho physiological restoration, wellbeing, and inner calm. A unique fusion of art and technology, these virtual skylights and windows dramatically enhance the sense of space and a connection to nature in enclosed spaces. Sky Factory biophilic illusions of nature™ are installed in healthcare environments worldwide.

Research over the last several decades indicates that realistic simulations of views to nature such as biophilic illusions of nature™ support healing, reduce the use of pain medication, and enhance the patient experience. Award-winning fMRI research at Texas Tech University found that Sky Factory`s Open Sky Compositions triggered unique neural activations in the cerebellum, often involved in spatial cognition (depth perception).

Sky Factory`s virtual skylights deepen biophilic engagement. Sky Factory`s growing success over a decade is the result of exceptional quality and dedication - to enliven our inherent, genetic-based connection to nature by bringing realistic illusions of nature, indoors.

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