Exhibiting at the Oncology Convention

Oncotherm Kft.

Our main business is research and development, production, marketing and sales of local-hyperthermia devices for cancer treatment.

Oncotherm is one of the main local-hyperthermia leading companies in more than 30 countries on 5 continents with over 400 devices. Currently, there are more than 200,000 treatments performed with our devices yearly. Our therapy can be combined with most of the commonly used gold standard therapies or applied as a monotherapy without significant side effects.

Our primary goal is to create a treatment modality that can be combined with other therapies and is capable of increasing the survival time and the quality of life of the patient at the same time.

This is achieved by creating a method that is capable of selectively targeting tumor cells (on cellular level), and supporting multiple immune reactions like apoptosis, DAMP generation, abscopal effects and many other effects.

To ensure the quality of our products we continuously work together with several large universities all over the world and manage a network of about 300 different research places and companies. This structure is regularly controlled according to the ISO 13485 standards certified by the German TUV SUD.

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