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Datar Cancer Genetics

Sustained Commitment And An Unapologetic Determination To Succeed Against Cancer.
Datar Cancer Genetics Limited (DCGL) , a comprehensive molecular genetics facility, is a Centre for Excellence in precision genetic analysis with an aim to meet and exceed globally recognized standards and to maximize customer satisfaction. DCGL is a modern, fully integrated facility for Molecular Pathology, Genetic Analysis & Tissue Investigation, spread over more than 40,000 sq. ft, and offers an unparalleled insight into precision, customized and accurate medicine through its diverse ecosystem of innovative oncology solutions. It has a strong and competent team of over 160, comprising world-class scientists, researchers, specialist clinicians and data analysts and a fully integrated sequencing, bio-informatics, human interface and interpretation platforms with access to international databases. DCGL is accredited by CAP, NABL (ISO 15189) and ISO 9001:2008, offers offers its solutions across 10 countries and in over 100 locations across the Indian subcontinent.

DCGL believes that relentless research, bold initiatives, sustained commitment and an unapologetic determination to succeed against cancer will defeat it. We dedicate ourselves to this singular mission.

DCGL key services include: -
1.Exacta™Ã¯Â¸Â Encyclopedia Tumor Analysis
This investigation through the tumour DNA and RNA analysis reaches the depths of cancer`s mechanisms through 100s of millions of data points. It reveals the driver mutations and pathways that are propelling a patient`s cancer and can be targeted with precision drugs.
2.Cancertrack™Ã¯Â¸Â Liquid Biopsy
•It is a noninvasive blood test which utilizes ultrasensitive and specific molecular biomarkers that are derived from cancer cells.
3.Gliotrac™Ã¯Â¸Â Liquid Biopsy for Brain Tumors
It is an in-depth, safe and comprehensive alternative for invasive brain biopsies for detection of malignancy and is carried out on the peripheral blood sample collected from the patient.
4.Whole Exome Sequencing

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