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Established in 1975, Amoena is the world`s leading breast-care brand. Headquartered in Raubling, Germany, and operating in more than 70 countries across the world, Amoena was the first company to introduce a silicone breast prosthesis.

As the industry pioneer, Amoena`s sole focus is supporting confidence in breast operated women. We continually combine the latest scientific knowledge, with a deep understanding of the needs of women who have breast cancer, to create a range of breast forms, partial shapers, lingerie and clothing that helps them feel confident and feminine after surgery.

Our breast form range is designed to offer a solution for every woman, every lifestyle and every surgery type. From natural, everyday options to lightweight breast forms for women who need to reduce pressure on their neck and shoulders, to breast forms that help the wearer maintain a constant body temperature for day-long comfort. The company conducts extensive wear tests for comfort, ease of use and suitability to respond to individual surgery types and lifestyles.

We`re proud to push the boundaries of creativity, and our on-going commitment to innovation has resulted in four decades of patented materials, products and manufacturing methods. With the help of a global innovation network, Amoena`s research and development team collaborates with universities and scientists across many disciplines. Our in-house experts incorporate this knowledge into their constant search for new ways to transfer the latest scientific developments into breast form technology.

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