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Care Oncology Clinic

Care Oncology Clinic (COC) specialises in the treatment of cancer as metabolic disease.

Care Oncology Clinic has developed a patented protocol for cancer comprising a specified combination of licensed medicines. This is prescribed off-label as an adjunctive treatment to standard of care therapy. COC`s ambition is to build a centre of clinical and research excellence, further developing metabolic treatment approaches and building our knowledge and expertise.

Following more than four years of research and clinical experience, audited data from the clinic shows striking improvement in survival times in a large cohort of patients (n=95) suffering from Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) - achieved at a low cost, and with minimal additional side-effect burden. More than 12 months extension in median survival times was achieved (14.8 months to 27.1 months), and the 2-year survival rate was effectively doubled from 28.7% to 55.8%*

In 2017, the MHRA and the appointed Research Ethics Committee granted approval to COC to conduct a prospective study in Glioblastoma as an `Interventional Service Evaluation`. This `METRICS` prospective study will commence recruitment in June 2018.
The Care Oncology Clinic treats all types of disease, solid tumours as well as blood cancers, and plans to publish results in other cancer types in due course, as the data becomes available.

Referrals to the clinics are via the patient`s clinician or via self-referral.

COC is a member of the SEEK Group. (

*[2] Public Health England survival data for patients under 70 diagnosed with GBM IV between 2007-10

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