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Cancer Hopeline

A Personalised Mentoring Program Reinventing What`s Possible in Cancer Care.

Passionate about people having informed choice and being inspired and empowered to take back control of their health, we have acted as an uncompromising advocate for many hundreds of cancer patients and their loved ones in our professional care. Our primary objective is to support patients and their loved ones dealing with cancer in maximising the outcomes of their chosen treatment plans, while empowering their vision for life after cancer.

With a medical background of over 25 years in cancer care, Odette trained to mastery level in professional coaching and healing modalities, uniquely combining all three approaches to create tailor -made programs for integrative holistic mentoring in all aspects of adjuvant care. She identified predictable issues, challenges and responses which repeatedly recur through all the stages from diagnosis through treatment and recovery.

At Cancer Hopeline, we recognise that there is an enormous power to be accessed in patients asserting conscious choice, at a time where it often can feel as if one`s choices have been taken away. The diagnosis of cancer itself can be victimising because of how it is generally perceived in our culture. The word `Cancer` still activates a powerful Kryptonite like response in the non- medical community.

However, there is so much that has changed in allopathic treatments, prognosis and symptom management and how people approach it from the very beginning with initial diagnosis can dramatically alter what`s possible in their entire experience.

What patients need most of all, throughout their journey is a trusted guide to lead them, to support them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When implementing key practical steps which patients can take immediately in each separate area, healing is enhanced, providing invaluable support for optimal outcomes and prognosis.